Mr. Coleman is truly one of our most successful Rehabilitation patients at Heritage Park Care & Rehabilitation Center. Always demonstrating an “I can do” attitude, he exemplifies commitment, motivation, perseverance and a winning spirit. He is an inspiration to the other Therapy patients, with an infectious smile and positive attitude.

Mr. Coleman has made incredible progress from his initial start of care against tremendous odds, from being bed bound to now being able to ambulate independently using only a cane. He is committed to participating in therapy each day and is highly motivated to reach his functional goals and returning home.

Mr. Coleman states, “Making progress was easy here especially with the motivation that the Therapists provided. The nursing care was excellent which made my stay very pleasant. Farha and Karla always pushed me beyond my boundaries that I thought I had. They did it with a pleasant demeanor and a smile which made it much easier to surpass my capabilities.”

Mr. Coleman is committed to his continuum of care. He will be coming back for Outpatient Therapy three times a week, utilizing the convenience of Heritage Park’s courtesy transportation van.

We are very proud of his accomplishments and achievements. Congratulations Mr. Coleman!

Dr. Farha E. Parker, PT, DPT, CHC
Karla Van Beek, MSOTR

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