Laura DiGiorgio is currently a Long Term Care Resident at Heritage Park Care & Rehab since the Summer of 2013.  Her daughter Debra Dougherty experienced Heritage Park first hand when her Uncle Jim was a Resident back in 2011.  Jim’s Therapist was Barbara Carson, PTA.

  She was so impressed with his Therapy treatment that when her Mother Laura had back surgery and a pelvic fracture, the Excelerated Care Unit at Heritage Park was their Rehab of choice.  Laura’s primary goal post Rehab was to ride her 3 wheel bicycle again.  Thanks to Barb Carson, that wish was granted!   When it came time for Debra to rehabilitate, the choice for rehabilitation centers was obvious. 

Due to a fluctuation in blood pressure, she required better balance and stability in order to regain her independence.  Debra followed in her Mother and Uncle’s footsteps and was fortunate to have Barb as her primary Therapist as well.  Both Mother and Daughter shared the same sentiments about Barb … “She is dedicated, committed, warm and compassionate.  All of the elements required for a person on the mend.”

In addition to a successful Rehab program at Heritage Park, Laura and Debra rave about the activities, social atmosphere and the cleanliness of the facility.  Both Mother and Daughter appreciate the guidance and support that the Pastoral program that Heritage Park has offered during their times of need.  Debra continues to visit her Mother Laura every single day and is still very much a part of the Heritage Park family.

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