Rehab patient and others ‘attend’ daughter’s wedding from states away

On Sunday, July 6, 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Lerner’s daughter, Sandi, was married in Chicago. One week prior to the wedding, Sandi was visiting her parents in Bradenton when her mother unexpectedly fell ill.

During Mrs. Lerner’s hospitalization and rehabilitation at Heritage Park Care and Rehabilitation Center, it became clear that the Lerners would be unable to attend Sandi’s wedding.  Being tech savvy, Sandi and the staff at Heritage Park coordinated a FaceTime session so Mr. and Mrs. Lerner and three close friends in Bradenton, FL could be a part of the celebration in Chicago, IL.

“Never in my lifetime did I ever think something like this was possible,” Mr. Lerner said. “We had front row seats without even being there. Pretty amazing!”

About 180 attendees were at Sandi’s wedding, watching Mr. and Mrs. Lerner being broadcasted throughout the ceremony as the Lerners were watching them. There was not a dry eye in the house as the Lerners witnessed and participated in one of the most important days of their only daughter’s life.

Mrs. Lerner stated, “Without the Heritage Park folks, their abilities and most importantly their passion, this would have never happened.  For them, we are truly grateful.”

– Kim Becker, Director of Business Development