Mrs. Norma Dyer arrived at Heritage Park Care & Rehabilitation Center on June 4, 2014.  Her projected discharge date was planned for July 4th.  Due to the exceptional care she received while in the ExceleratedCARE Unit, she was able to return home on June 23rd…12 days early! Mr. Dyer accompanied his Wife during her therapy sessions approximately 90% of the time.  He stated that her Therapists, Lorelei Helgeson, PT and Joel Gelongo, PTA always listened attentively, exuded empathy towards Norma and always projected a smile.  Mr. and Mrs. Dyer both agreed it was evident that Lorelei and Joel have a true passion for helping others. Mr. Dyer stated that the staff at Heritage Park, including the Nurses far exceeded their expectations.  “Keep up the good work.  A smile goes a long way.”

Lorelei Helgeson, PT, Mrs. Norma Dyer, Rehab Resident & Freddie
Lorelei Helgeson, PT,  Mrs. Norma Dyer, Rehab Resident & Freddie