“…We just clicked!”

Klos 6

Vicki Klos was bed ridden when she arrived at Heritage Park Care & Rehab in March of 2014.  By May of 2014, Vicki was walking 100 ft. two times a day.  Vicki  attributes a large part of her success to her Therapist, Tammy Johnson, PTA.  Tammy earned Vicki’s trust by starting with small feats, then working towards bigger, more aggressive goals.

Once Vicki was stabilized and felt secure with her walker, she mastered getting in and out of bed, as well as standing.  The next step was tackling the parallel bars and walking up and down the stairs.  “Tammy is caring, knowledgeable, understanding, warm and friendly.  All of these traits helped me to achieve my goals.  We just clicked!”