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New Innovative ExceleratedCARE unit for Short Term Rehabilitation
26 Designer Furnished Private Suites with Free Cable and Wi-Fi

For Post Cardiac, Hip and Knee replacement, Fractures, CVA, IV Therapy, Wound Therapy and medically complex.

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On Tuesday, July 22nd, The Bradenton Herald featured our Resident, Mrs. Irene Lerner’s story on the front page of the Local/Business section.  It just goes to show that everybody loves a “Feel Good” story.  Heritage Park … Making Memories!

Bradenton Herald Story

On Sunday, July 6, 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Lerner’s daughter, Sandi, was married in Chicago. One week prior to the wedding, Sandi was visiting her parents in Bradenton when her mother unexpectedly fell ill.

During Mrs. Lerner’s hospitalization and rehabilitation at Heritage Park Care and Rehabilitation Center, it became clear that the Lerners would be unable to attend Sandi’s wedding.  Being tech savvy, Sandi and the staff at Heritage Park coordinated a FaceTime session so Mr. and Mrs. Lerner and three close friends in Bradenton, FL could be a part of the celebration in Chicago, IL.

“Never in my lifetime did I ever think something like this was possible,” Mr. Lerner said. “We had front row seats without even being there. Pretty amazing!”

About 180 attendees were at Sandi’s wedding, watching Mr. and Mrs. Lerner being broadcasted throughout the ceremony as the Lerners were watching them. There was not a dry eye in the house as the Lerners witnessed and participated in one of the most important days of their only daughter’s life.

Mrs. Lerner stated, “Without the Heritage Park folks, their abilities and most importantly their passion, this would have never happened.  For them, we are truly grateful.”

– Kim Becker, Director of Business Development

“The Nursing Staff and Therapy Department at Heritage Park was excellent and very helpful.  They made my recovery process much easier and my return to home much quicker.”

Trish I., Rehab Resident

“My Mother had a quality experience at Heritage Park.  Every nice compliment we had heard about Heritage Park was absolutely warranted and more.  Ya’ll did good!”

Marion Marsh, Resident

Mary Lasseter, Daughter

Heritage Park Care & Rehabilitation Center values their long standing working relationship with Manatee County Emergency Medical Services.  Scheduling “Meet & Greets” in an effort to strengthen communication and protocols throughout the year is an another way to continue enhancing our strong partnership.

From left to right:  Lloyd Clark, Paramedic from Medic 10; Nick Jaynes, Charge Paramedic from Medic 10; Stephen Krivjanik, Chief of MCEMS; Katie Berzowski, Administrator of Heritage Park and Scott Kemp, Operations Lieutenant of MCEMS

From left to right: Lloyd Clark, Paramedic from Medic 10; Nick Jaynes, Charge Paramedic from Medic 10; Stephen Krivjanik, Chief of Emergency Medical Services Division; Katie Berzowski, Administrator of Heritage Park and Scott Kemp, Operations Lieutenant of Emergency Medical Services

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Mrs. Norma Dyer arrived at Heritage Park Care & Rehabilitation Center on June 4, 2014.  Her projected discharge date was planned for July 4th.  Due to the exceptional care she received while in the ExceleratedCARE Unit, she was able to return home on June 23rd…12 days early! Mr. Dyer accompanied his Wife during her therapy sessions approximately 90% of the time.  He stated that her Therapists, Lorelei Helgeson, PT and Joel Gelongo, PTA always listened attentively, exuded empathy towards Norma and always projected a smile.  Mr. and Mrs. Dyer both agreed it was evident that Lorelei and Joel have a true passion for helping others. Mr. Dyer stated that the staff at Heritage Park, including the Nurses far exceeded their expectations.  “Keep up the good work.  A smile goes a long way.”

Lorelei Helgeson, PT, Mrs. Norma Dyer, Rehab Resident & Freddie

Lorelei Helgeson, PT,  Mrs. Norma Dyer, Rehab Resident & Freddie

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In honor of National EMS Week, Heritage Park Care & Rehabilitation Center hosted a Weiner Wednesday Cookout for the local Manatee County EMS and the City of Bradenton Fire Department.  The event was our way of expressing our gratitude for all that the first responders do for our facility, residents and all of Manatee County throughout the year.  We truly appreciate their service and dedication to our community!

EMS Thank You Letter

Photo Credit "City of Bradenton Fire Department"

Photo Credit “City of Bradenton Fire Department”

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Bogart 2“After my knee replacement surgery, I was fearful about my next step.  I could barely walk and I knew that I needed more help.  My Physician, Dr. Diego Ramos, M.D. from Intercoastal Medical Group, referred me to Heritage Park Care & Rehab.  It was close to home and convenient for my Wife to visit.  Not being educated on rehabilitation centers, I trusted his recommendation.

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“Awesome experience from the Aides to the Nurses to the Therapists!  I would highly recommend Heritage Park Care & Rehab and do it all over again if need be.”

Theresa Hague, Rehabilitation Resident

Hague 4Hague 3

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Klos 6

Vicki Klos was bed ridden when she arrived at Heritage Park Care & Rehab in March of 2014.  By May of 2014, Vicki was walking 100 ft. two times a day.  Vicki  attributes a large part of her success to her Therapist, Tammy Johnson, PTA.  Tammy earned Vicki’s trust by starting with small feats, then working towards bigger, more aggressive goals.

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